About BRWV

Bridging Resources WV supports older adults, caregivers, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and families by:

Bridging Resources West Virginia (The No Wrong Door initiative in West Virginia)

Is led by a Governance Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Council that has a vision to transform the multiple access systems for LTSS into a fully integrated, person-centered No Wrong Door system of access for all programs and populations, regardless of age, income level, type of disability or payer source.

Our Mission

To develop a comprehensive system for transforming the existing and various access points of West Virginia’s long-term services and supports (LTSS) system into a single access system.

Our Vision

Bridging Resources WV will greatly minimize confusion, enhance consumer choice, support informed decision making and improve the state’s ability to manage resources and monitor the quality of services.

Who Does BRWV Help?

See below for more information on how we create the bridge for access to West Virginia’s services and support.


When you want to live more independently at home and just need a little extra help.


BRWV provides objective information, advice, and assistance which empowers people to make informed decisions about the best available support and services.


When you need help caring for a loved one over time or overnight and you don’t know where to start.


BRWV removes the uncertainty surrounding where to turn for assistance when caring for a loved one who is aging, disabled, or suffering from a long-term illness.


When you need a go-to resource for LTSS, turn to our Community Resource Specialists for vetted and unbiased service referrals.


BRWV saves providers time and money by decreasing, or even eliminating, multiple eligibility processes and documentation.


When working to make existing resources go farther, keeping community partners connected results in enhanced communication and coordination.


BRWV helps communities by stretching funding, building capacity, and serving more individuals with limited resources.

How does Bridging Resources WV help?

In a world of information overload, transferred calls, inaccessibility to a real person, or not knowing where to start, Bridging Resources is here to make things easier. Think of us as your single point of contact for bridging the path between your long-term needs and the resources in your community. Understanding eligibility for programs, completing multiple applications, or finding quality services is our area of expertise.

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