Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Accessing Bridging Resources WV starts with the key access point of the WV Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC). 

I’m a social worker in a medical facility. Can Bridging Resources WV help me find resources for my client?

Yes, we can! You may either check out our resources at or our website and self-refer for the patient or you can give us a call! We’re happy to help make going home easier!

I live out of state and my mom lives alone and needs some help. Can Bridging Resources WV help me?

Yes! The Community Resource Specialists work with caregivers and family members who are looking for support for their loved ones.

My son is a disabled veteran. We already access the services with the VA. How can Bridging Resources WV help me help my son?

If your son has additional needs, yes, please call! There may be community-based resources and services that are not within the VA standard of care that may help. 

What if I prefer to not call? Can I email the WV ADRC? Is there a website that provides resources I can access?

Yes! You may email the ADRC at We also have a website with our resources and you can take a quick quiz which will self-refer you to resources. Check us out at

We are a local (church, non-profit, etc) organization. How can we become a partner with Bridging Resources WV?

We love to learn about community resources and organizations! If you’d like to see how you can help, please contact Christina Jumper at

You mention community-based resources. Who is a part of Bridging Resources WV?

  • Bridging Resources WV brings together the key agencies of the:
  • Bureau of Senior Services
  • Bureau of Medical Services
  • Bureau for Behavioral Health
  • WV Developmental Disabilities Council
  • WVSU Metro Area Agency on Aging
  • WV Department of Veterans Assistance 

The BRWV network includes these agencies and the numerous community-based resources.